Has your manuscript been rejected by studio executives, agents and publishers? Sometimes it’s best to take a step back and allow another set of eyes to provide you with an objective view and a new outlook. ACG can design a Query letter that will help you grab publishers attention and make an impact on the reader. We present your story in a way that will help you appeal to your target and land the book and/or magazine deal that you’ve been hoping for.


A Query letter is much like a cover letter for your resume. It serves a similar purpose…to demonstrate to the reader why they should chose you and your story. After a free initial consultation, our writers will review your manuscript and create your winning letter. Your document is secure with ACG. We have a strict privacy policy and author/artist confidentiality policy. Pricing and turn-around time is based off your total word count of your manuscript. We can assists with all genre’s, both fiction and non-fiction work. For an additional fee, there is also an option to include an outline and synopsis to give your manuscript the perfect pitch. For more information contact_us_button